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Laurens Prairie Preservation Trail

Laurens Prairie Preservation Trail runs through the southeastern side of the City of Laurens. The City owns and maintains the trail which is approximately .8 of a mile in length with a width of 8-10 feet. The surface of the trail is crushed limestone.

Sportsman’s Park Trail

Sportsman’s Park Trail loops around Sportsman Park, giving it its name. The trial is located on the eastern side of Laurens adjacent to South East Street and East Veterans Road. Maintained and owned by the City, the trail measures out to just over half a mile in length with a width of 8-12 feet. The trail is surfaced by crushed limestone.

Prairie Park Trail

Prairie Park Trail

The Prairie Park Trail runs along the southeast corner of Laurens from Highway 10 to Sportsman’s Park. This leg of the Laurens trail system connects the Laurens Prairie Preservation Trail with the Sportman’s Park Trail.