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BOBALEE Hydraulics welding cell

BOBALEE Hydraulics

137 N E Street, Laurens, IA 50554

A leader in the hydraulics industry, BOBALEE’s manufacturing facility with a state-of-the-art horizontal machining center with automatic pallet changer and pulse robotic welding cells are just some examples of BOBALEE’s commitment to high quality and leadership in technology.

Fisher Hydraulics Laurens

Fisher Hydraulics

603 IA-10, Laurens, IA 50554

Fisher Hydraulics manufactures custom engineered hydraulic cylinders using CNC machining technology, automated welding processes, and celluar machining and assembly concepts. 

Aerial Photo of Laurens Jack Links facility

Jack Link’s

324 Charles Street, Laurens, IA 50554

All Jack Link’s refrigerated products are distributed out of the Laurens facility, including protein snacks such as refrigerated meat sticks, and products that combine meat and cheese.


Laurens-Marathon Community School

300 W Garfield Street, Laurens, IA 50554

The Laurens-Marathon elementary and middle school are located in Laurens.

Photo of manipulator arm at Positech

Positech Corporation

191 N Rush Lake Road, Laurens, IA 50554

Positech combines custom-designed tooling and lifting devices such as manipulators, hoist, and pneumatic balancers to reduce ergonomic related injuries and improve process handling for applications including: Aerospace, Agriculture, Appliances, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Electronic, Food & Beverage, Furniture, HVAC, Metal Fabrication, Metal Production, Mining, Paper, and Tires.